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Person Centered Thinking

Health Promotion

Patient Advocacy

All caregivers are trained to provide individualized care. Person Centered Thinking involves a deep respect for individuals and their equality. This specific training equips Kind Healing, LLC caregivers with the values, skills, and tools to provide unique, personalized services.

Our agency not only cares for our consumers immediate physical needs, we also take into consideration disease prevention and health promotion. Each consumer undergoes a complete head-to-toe assessment by a Pennsylvania State Registered Nurse. This assessment is used to target specific areas of focus needed for health communication, health education, and to develop a plan for supportive health changes.

A patient advocate is a healthcare professional that looks out for the best interest of the patient. Kind Healing, LLC provides this service to each of our consumers. We understand the importance of quality care. We aide our consumers in communicating with their healthcare providers, setting appointments for doctors visits, and medical tests, as well as attending doctors visits. We ensure effective communication between the provider and the patient, as well as understanding of information needed to make health care related decisions.

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